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What the Critics Say About Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation

"a thorough, informative, original and
entertaining survey of the of the evolutionary biology of sex"

Stuart Blackman, BBC Wildlife

Sometimes, she goes too far. "They couldn't handle masturbation in Boston," she declares.
"Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation" manages the improbable feat of uniting in one volume the cosmic perspective of Charles Darwin with the titillating curiosity of Dr. Ruth.
Dr Tatiana calls into question that other general law of nature: that males can be promiscuous but females must remain chaste. From stick insects to chimpanzees (and according to my postbag, Homo sapiens too) females are hardly ever faithful. In species after species, rampant promiscuity is no malfunction.

Cross-dressing sponge lice. Flatworms using their penises as swords. Male manatees that make out with, well, other male manatees.

Such is the startling and earthly natural universe well-known to Dr. Tatiana, the nom de plume of real-life author Olivia Judson, a 33-year-old Oxford-trained Ph.D. in zoology whose 2002 book, Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation, has quickly evolved into a national best seller.

Judson walks this particular hedonistic tight-rope with aplomb - her text is both wonderfully entertaining and authoritative - and the inclusion of an extensive section of notes and references ensures that she retains her scientific respectability. All in all this is a stimulating feast of extraordinary sexual practices. It will keep you entertained and informed for hours.
Tim Birkhead, Nature
Words Fail Me
Michael Fishwick, The Economist
If the Rev. Jerry Falwell were to give up on humanity and assemble a congregation of creatures, the handful that would qualify as truly blessed would include the black vulture, the California mouse, the sea horse, some termites and a wingless cockroach.
John McMurtrie, San Francisco Chronicle
If I were an intellectually challenged adult male gorilla who stumbled across an adult male chimpanzee, I should in all likelihood be at a loss to explain my comparatively tiny testicles. Fortunately, my angst might be eased by consulting Dr. Tatiana.
Paul Harvey, Science
Sex sells. Even, hopes author Olivia Judson, when performed by bush babies and beetles in the most bewildering and befuddling manners
William Hathaway, Hartford Courant
In the chatty, opinionated guise of Dr. Tatiana, Olivia Judson brilliantly combines the ever-popular genre of the advice column with that of Sick Nature Facts. The combination is strikingly successful. As Dear Abby never has, Dr. Tatiana confronts the etiquette issues involved in depraved cannibal incest, for example, and uses them to illuminate biological insights into the nature of life on earth.
Susan McCarthy, Salon.com
Author Olivia Judson, aka Dr Tatiana - the Dr Ruth of wilderness, jungle and ocean - answers the sex problems of an astonishing array of species, from marine iguanas to bronze-winged jacanas, lionesses to yellow dung flies: every organism baffled by the battle of the sexes and hungry for her advice.
Gillian Glover - The Scotsman
ONE WONDERS sometimes: how is it for them? For the copulating elephants, as seen on the back jacket of Olivia Judson's book, or for the ladybirds doing the same thing on the front? Adam in Paradise Lost asks the Archangel Raphael why making love to Eve beats all the other joys of the prelapsarian Garden, and is sternly told: "Think the same vouchsafed/To cattle and each beast".
Nicholas Bagnall - Sunday Telegraph (London)
Long live Dr. Tatiana. Without her, what would creatures troubled by their bizarre sex lives do? You can't write to just ANYONE about this sort of problem:
Connie Ogle - The Miami Herald
If you trace back the ancestry of your genes for the past two billion years, every one of those genes (or almost every one) has spent half its time occupying male bodies and half its time occupying female bodies. But will future generations continue to use sex when they breed?
Mark Ridley - Prospect Magazine
Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation is a brilliantly devised and humorously written "advice column" for animals about their sex lives. As goofy and boorish as the sexual practices of most creatures may be, there is method in their madness. Ms Judson, an award-winning journalist and evolutionary biologist, masterfully explains why we should even care. Sex is never simple, but some creatures are in their own league of complexity. We have sex in all its kinky, eccentric variety to thank for all the beauty of nature.
Joanna Gajewski - Journal of the World Economic Forum
A Racy Guide to Evolution
Nicholas Wade - The New York Times
This volume will surely prove itself to be both tremendously entertaining and educational.
Tony Dickinson - Human Nature Review
This book is definitely a must-read. So go find this book. NOW.
Massie K. Santos - Philippine Daily Inquirer